A B2B Lead-Generation Revolution

A B2B Lead-Generation Revolution

At MarteKing we provide our clients with a complete, fully operational, best-of-breed Martech stack, custom content creation, sales development, and analytics all in a managed services package. A B2B company ourselves, we focus our attention specifically on the growth of SaaS companies serving B2B markets. So, for us, everything is digital. Having analytics at our fingertips is essential for our success and for our clients’ success as well.

Research shows that only 2% of website visitors inquire, yet most businesses make significant investments in website development and strategic marketing to generate traffic. If only 2% of website visitors inquire, what happens to the remaining 98%? These potential prospects go completely under the radar; unnoticed and unregistered. Until now. Lead Forensics is LEADing a B2B lead-generation revolution.

Lead Forensics offers a market-leading B2B software created for turbo-charged lead generation. Users are able to identify B2B sales leads that they never even knew existed. The software reveals the identity of anonymous website traffic, helping to turn visitors into actionable sales leads, in real-time. Lead Forensics users are able to maximize return on marketing and sales spends and efforts. They’re able to identify every single website visitor and seek to establish relationships with them, creating an opportunity they wouldn’t have had before. This opens up a possible pool of 98% more additional sales opportunities that you never knew existed.

In 2016, Lead Forensics introduced essential contact information, accessible directly from the main portal, using the highest-ranking data sources available. Thanks to this advancement, Lead Forensics customers are given instant access to full names, company names, positions and email addresses of key decision makers. Users are also given insights into exactly what website pages were viewed. Users can set call backs, schedule appointments and keep track of notes, quotes and proposals at every stage of the sales process, all in the main Lead Forensics portal. Other features include the option to create action-triggered alerts for specific visitor activity, and to measure the volume of traffic to the website and the referring links and channels. A Salesforce integration feature can even push information directly into a user’s CRM system.

It goes without saying how critical this information can be in aiding business development, by establishing important new relationships and improving ROI. Like all of MarteKing’s best-of-breed Martech stack selections, Lead Forensics is an extremely easy-to-install and easy-to-use tool. Installing this lead generation software is as simple as adding a tracking code to your website. As soon as the tracking code is installed on your site, you will immediately begin receiving insights and generating custom reports.

Lead Forensics opens up doors for MarteKing and MarteKing clients. We’re proud to be a Lead Forensics partner and to offer the solution as part of our Martech stack. Find out what invaluable insights your company has been missing. Join the B2B lead-generation revolution.

Taylor Lioy